Why does cocaine mess up my sinuses and what can I do to clear them up?

Answers:    why coke? next time try MSG.. duh! dumb *** quit that sh** before it kills you!
stop doing the nose candy...
Stop using it you idiot!!
quit the coke
Nose douche.

Run warm salty water through both nostrils.
Quit using you idiot! Pretty soon it's going to fry right through your sinuses and run you the risk of brain aneurisyms!
you're inhaling a volatile powder up your nose and you wonder why it's wrecking your sinuses??
um, go into rehab??
it destroys you mucus membranes in your sinuses. you can clear it up by...STOP USING COCAINE.get rehab.like I did before you sinus is not the worst of your problems.
dumbass.people are always making the wrong discisions in life..your gunna die anyway now, so why stop?
admit you have a problem and either quit or go to rehab
Lay off the snow, pal. It'll screw you up big time.
Come on, I have only found this answer site this week and everyday there is some weak idiot asking the dumbest questions just to get a rise from people.
It's not that I don't believe you are truly a stupid cocaine addict and have killed so many brain cells that you are that stupid to ask such questions, it just that it is shameful.
Well, think about it. You're sending something up your nostrils that doesn't belong there. I would imagine a saline spray would help.but quitting would help a lot more.You realize that some people actually get a hole in their nasal passages from cocaine?
sniff some gasoline, it'll clear them up and it's probably cheapier than cocaine..

*What are you thinking doing a chemical drug??*
Why bother to try to clear it up? You have obviously already used so much that you have killed so many brain cells that curing a slight sinus problem will make no difference in your addicted, delusional life.
Go down to your local police station and ask.
Chronic use can lead to skin abscesses, perforation of the septum of the nose, weight loss, and damage to the nervous system.
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Prolonged cocaine snorting can result in ulceration of the mucous membrane of the nose.

(This is from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America website in the section on cocaine).
After reviewing some of your questions cocaine seems to be the least of your worries.
Look dear,I'm going to tell u some facts about that poison cocaine .Addicts take cocaine by chewing the leaves of coca plant,injection or snuffing its powder as u do which may be adulterated with irritating substances as boric acid,salisylic acid hence nasal septum perforation may occur.clinical picture:1-anorexia,vomiting & loss of weight.2-tremors,convulsions & toxic psychosis.3-nasal septum perforation if taken as snuff.4-tactile halucination:the addict feela as if insects were creeping under the skin[cocaine bugs}5-moral deterioration:the addict is agressive & may be dangerous.Withdrawal symptoms:not serious,decrease body secretions,irritability,pain in arms & legs& tendency to violent attacks.Treatment :Abrubt withdrawal is safe benzodiazipine to sedate patients suffering from convulsions & toxic psychosis.Psychiatric & symptomatic ttt.So ur cocaine is adulterated and the best way is to quit.I hope u can & I hope I could help.
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