Is rubbing alcohol good to put on cuts?

Should you put rubbing alcohol on cuts or just wash with antibacterial soap and water?
Answers:    Neither.
Rubbing alcohol is not to be used on open wounds. It is destructive to living cells, and, if absorbed into blood or lymph fluid, can cause damage to liver and kidneys, and may (but very unlikely) even cause blindness.
Antibacterial soaps, which contain phenylhexadine, have been shown to be no more or less effective than ordinary soaps.
So...wash your cut with regular soap and water, put some over-the-counter Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment on it, and keep it clean.
yowza!!...that`s gonna` hurt!..a lot!! go with the latter.
damn rubbing alcohol hurts a lot. tried that before. use the soap and water instead.
When you first get a cut, you can clean it with running water, soap and water, or peroxide. After that initial cleaining, you shouldnt clean it with anything purposefully unless it has a lot of drainage, then just clean it like normal skin in the shower and rinse it well. Keep it covered with a bandaid or something. A little antibiotic ointment, and I mean a little, will help it not to scar.
YOu can put alcohol on a cut, but its gonna burn like crazy and your tissues down in the cut are not gonna like it.
Let me reiterate, after the initial cleaning to get out any bacteria the actual injury process may have introduced down into your tissues, you dont need to clean with anything special. Wounds dont like antibacterial soap or peroxide or betadine or anything like that when they are trying to heal...
Good luck and GOD bless you.
Only if you want to scream...
Use Hydrogen Peroxide. It will clean the cut without pain.
Cover them with honey. This is not a joke. Germs and bacteria cannot live in honey. It takes away the pain and helps in the healing.
Try it.

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