Whats good for burns?

Answers:    that really depends on the burn and how extensive it is in most cases run very cold water over the affected area then you can use aloe vera and NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE BUTTER OR GREASE it will make it worse if it is a 1st degree burn the above will suffice if it is a second degree burn medical attention is needed and if it is a third degree burn you should be in a hospital and if it is a 4th degree burn usually your chances of survival are slim to none 4th degree burns usually associated with plasma energy or molten magma are extremely rare hope this helps Gorbalizer
a great remedy for burns is aloe vera as it is a natural healing agent and it is very cooling on the burn
Burn units use honey, so I've heard
Right after it happened, ice
Witch Hazel works for sunburn. I don't know about other burns.
1. Get out of the heat and stay out.

2. Cool the burn with lots of cool water. You can use ice for small burns for short amounts of time, but cool water is the best. This step can take a while- skin is really good at holding heat!

3. If the burn is big, blistering, covers a lot of the body, etc.- see someone to make sure you are OK.

4. Keep hydrated and take some over-the-counter pain killer to ease the pain.

Now- from this point, it is all about the natural healing process of the skin. Skin heals at a certain rate and we really cannot speed it up- but we can sure slow it down!

We can slow it down by letting it get dirty, hot, or too cold. We can slow it down by lathering it with junk like most ointments, butter, greases, and stuff. We can slow it down by killing the growing cells with things like Hydrogen Peroxide or vinegar.

Healing skin will hurt- cool it off and take some asprain or equivilant. It will peel. Let it. Use bandaging that allows it to stay cool and moist- like Spenco Second Skin, TegraDerm or DuoDerm. (Note- these bandages are very helpful, but rather expensive and often hard to find.)

Aloe is an interesting material- it is a gel that is mostly water. Many commercial versions of it are rather short on Aloe and full of water and additives. Controlled studies with aloe are contradictory- one showing that wounds healed an average of 6 days earlier, another showing they healed more slowly. This suggests (but does not prove) that the placebo effect may have been involved.
Try Aloe Vera or coconut oil
Hi! No offense to someone else (Madkins007) on here, PLEASE don't listen to their answer!! Never use butter, grease or oil, and NEVER EVER EVER use hydrogen peroxide.

If you get burned, put it under cool--NOT cold--water and gradually make the water colder. Then, let it be! You will have a blister--let it be. The fluid will eventually absorb into the skin. Should the blister break open, wash it gently and let it dry.

Aloe vera is good, but use nothing else!! NOTHING!! Do not use Neosporin or any other triple antibiotic ointment. These can and will trap bacteria into the tender skin on your burn and you could get an infection.

Depending on the burn .
Stage 1 burns: You have gotten sunburn, or burned at a fast food restaurant on a heat light, or splashed some hot water on yourself and the skin is only red. Keep the wound clean, use no bandages unless you need to protect it from something (as in you're going to play in mud or something).
Stage two burns: You have blistering. Do not use cold packs or ice, as this can cause tissue damage. Do not use oils or creams. Clean the wounds, DO NOT POP THE BLISTERS. Allow burns to heal, but make sure you see a health professional.
Stage 3 burns: You'll be in the hospital, so the doctor can take care it it.

Good luck!!
Sorry, flowergirl, but I have to say something. Emtgirl, please read Madkins' answer. Don't call people idiots before you do. You just made yourself look like one.
right after it happens, you should use cold, cold water and ice after that and then put aloe on it and wrap it up with an ace bandage. If it still hurts, call your doctor.
aola and if its really bad go to the ER
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