how can i get hard stool that is stuck in my anus out?

i know this is gross and suposse it is normal for people who get constipated but i have never had it and am suffering. can anyone help me?
Answers:    an enema or laxative should do the trick. If you don't have either of those you can pick them up at a drugstore or really at any store.
Also to keep it from happening again you can try one of those daily fiber things. They have pills and the powder you mix in with liquids.
Drink a big glass of water
It's stuck in your rectum, not your anus as you say.

Stool softener. The real solution is a diet higher in fiber and vitamin C = fruit, three servings a day. No shortcuts. You fruit flavored candy doesn't count.

For emergencies, I'm pretty sure milk of magnesia does the job.
drink as much coke, coffee, exlax and onions as you can
go drink some mineral oil. you can get it over the counter. make u slide it right out
mineral oil enema, available at every drug store
I know exactly what you mean.. If you have access to some Ex-Lax or something that creates diarrhea, take it or if you could get a bottle(plastic bottle) of that enema stuff at the Targets, Walmart, etc.. then get it.. You can get any liquid enema but probably FLEET enema is the cheapest and does JUST AS WELL.. Anyway. get that and squirt it up your rectum and in 3-5 minutes, you will have results
Enema would be the fastest way at this point. Go buy one at the grocery or drug store.

Exlax or Ducolax may not be able to help you.
Try a rectal suppository..
Failing that try an enema.
drink a can of mountain dew and a mug of coffee you should have DIAREAH!
Take milk of magnesia immediately before you get sick if you're not already. Follow the directions on the label. Don't take more or less than recommended. I tried taking less to just sort of ease it out and nothing happened. One time I took too much and ended up squirting liquid **** on the rug on my way to the toilet.
drink ton of fruitjuice and/or take an enema
It is called an impaction. Attempting to pass it will only cause you more and more pain. Unfortunately it must be passed. You have some options.

Mineral oil enema
suppositories to lubricate the area
Stool softeners to work from the other end.

Now, if you have an emergency with this and cannot wait on these things..try the mineral oil enema for sure, first thing..and hold it as long as you can.

Otherwise, you have two choices...
go to the ER and let them work on getting it out
Or do it yourself my removing it digitally which will require gloves and plenty of lube. Insert two fingers, index and middle, locate it, then in a scissors motion or in a "come here' motion try to pull it downward, while you push with your muscles. Once it is passed, you still have to be diligent to keep it from happening again.

Drinks tons of water
use stool softeners daily
Never put off the urge to have a only causes it to DRY OUT MORE.

Good luck and you have my sympathy. NO FUN.
Go out and buy some "SunSweet prune juice.. As awful as some people think it tastes, I happen to love it! And not only is it good to drink about a 1/2 a cup a day, its good for your heart, and loaded with Potassium, which also helps with leg cramps, etc. and it will keep you "Regular" without all that agony, every so often... Good-Luck, and also you can eat banana's whole bran honey muffins, raisins, popcorn, vegeez, are all high in fiber, which helps us all to stay "Regular". Hope I was of some help!! Just drink about a glass of it , today. And in about 20 minutes, or so you should start feeling the effects! And God forbid dont listen to all those people who will tell you to take a laxitive!! Laxitives, are drugs!! And, you would get the same fast relief, in the same amount of time, with prunes, or prune juice, as you would if you take a Laxitive...the difference, though is prune juice, is so good for you ! And laxitives, aren't !!
fetch a crowbar and a really good friend!
have you tried dynamite?
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