Could You Survive A Stab To The Throat?

People have told me if you were to get stabbed in the throat, (adam's apple) and if you grabbed the wound as to say putting your hand on top of the hole to cover the wound you would live? Now i can't see how this could happen, is it possible?
Answers:    The major arteries in your neck are on the left and right of the neck. Your could survive a stab like you describe as long as the brain stem is uneffected and obviously got medical attention.
Not likely if the juggler is cut.
Only if "immediate" medical attention is available.
its possible but highly unlikely,

its almost impossible if stabbed in the adam's apple

u would bleed to death maybe
It depends on exactly were you get stabbed and what's injured. There's a lot of muscle in the neck, too. Muscle injuries aren't usually fatal. Puncturing the windpipe is probably survivable. Nicking the arteries is rarely survivable, one of the reasons they don't remove tonsils as casually as they used to. Tonsils lie right next to the arteries. People sometimes survive a gunshot through the neck. It's amazing what kind of injuries the body can survive, although it's often a matter of luck. I met a WW2 vet who had a scar on both temples--an 8mm rifle bullet went straight through and did no lasting harm. On one of his veterans' reunion/reconciliation trips to Germany he met a German with an identical wound, but the bullet was off a slight bit. It blinded him which is bad enough, but did no other harm.

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