Doctor refusing to give me my medical records?

Ok, I'm upset right now. I went to a Chiropractor 2 weeks ago to find out about a pain in my back and leg. He said all I needed was an adjustment and after he adjusted me he gave me an X-ray. He told me once the results came back that they were to dark and that he would give me free X-rays in 2 weeks. I went back today and he gave me 4 more X-rays he said all of them were to dark to read. I then requested all my medical records because my family doctor wants to see what's going on with my back and leg. The chriopractor refused to give me any of my medical records and said that the chriopracter had no progress notes. Now my family doctor is going to request for them herself. Also when I requested them they told me that the records would not leave their building.
Does this sound like normal everyday medical procedures?
Answers:    There is no valid excuse not to give someone their medical records. Ethically and legally they are entitled to copies of all their information.

However, many doctors and their office staff don't even realize that people are entitled to copies of their records. The most common response from a doctor's office will be, "I can't give them to you. I would be happy to forward them to another physician."

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Unfortunately, yes these are everyday procedures. You doctor can request copies of those records AND x-rays, you should request them, orally and written, make sure to fill out HEPPA forms, ask often and keep on them until you get what you need.
Oh hell no. You fam doc will get them. My doctor once went through that with a hospital I went to. He ended up going wild and threatening them with legal action. They are required, you see, to release your records. He just probably doesn't want a malpractice suit or something. Make sure those are really your X-rays when you get them if you can.
You are entitled to the copies of you records but you have to have it in writing also if your doctor is going to send for records make sure that you fill out the HIPPA forms so the records can be released to the doctor. If still by some chance that you still don't get them I would talk it over with your regular doctor and see what else can be done. But you might have to talk to an attorney but that is last case scenerio.
You need to get a letter giving your Dr. permission to request the records From Chiropractor . I have no idea why we need to go through all of this but that's how it works . I'm surprised your DR. didn't suggest this !
Most doctors want to keep a copy of records for everyone they treat for liability reasons. Depending on where you live, there are probably also laws requiring them to do so. So that is perfectly reasonable.

While it's POSSIBLE they've made no records at all about you, it seems likely that there would have to be SOMETHING. after all, he already started treating you, so he must have come to some sort of conclusion about your difficulties. It would certainly be suspicous for no records at all to exist - most doctors I've been to make a note if you say 'hello'.

In the best possible light, maybe there's just a misunderstanding. Ask them for a COPY of all your records instead of just asking for your records. They'll probably make you pay a fee to copy the x-rays and the like (assuming they actually have any). And in the mean time, it might be a good idea not to see this guy again. you should completely trust your doctor, and it sounds like none of us do!
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