I have cotton from a q-tip stuck deep in my ear, HELP!?

I was cleaning my ear this morning and when i pulled the q-tip out the cotton was gone. It must be stuck in my ear, but it's not visible. How do I get this out? I was thinking maybe if i poured baby oil in it, the cotton might slide out. P.S. I don't have insurance, so I can't have a doctor do it. Thanks!
Answers:    The same thing happened to me and I had to go to the doctor. I would not recommend pouring stuff into your ear to get it out (especially not water).

If you absolutely cannot go to the doctor, ask someone to try to get it out with tweezers.

use tweezers to pull it out

Well first all q-tips arent the best thing because they tend to push things really far in.

Try getting like a chop stick thing or tweasers, something with really thin arms and can ply together and perhaps pull it out.

If all else fails just go to a doc-in-a-box place, and im sure they can get it out for cheap. (<100-200)
First of all, I would have someone look into your ear and see if the cotton can be seen in the external part of the ear canal. If it can't be seen then, unfortunatly, you should contact your doctor. The doctor can look deeper into your ear to see if there is any obstruction and remove the cotton (if present) by flushing the ear with water. I would not pour anything into your ear because there is an increased risk for infection if you have something stuck in your ear for a long period of time. Next time, q-tips are not good to be stuck in your ear. They can cause a lot of problems!!
first no don't pour anything in there its cotton and will absorb it and then your going o have a bigger problem. i would have someone look and see if it is actually in there or not. it may have come off and fell on the floor or something and you just didn't see it. if it is in fact in there i would go to the Dr or the er and have them take a look and remove it.
Yes definetely try putting two chopsticks in your ear , or take one and just push until it comes out the other ear, or put a sparler in ther and light it and it will burn out the cotton.

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