Painful, clicking knee, hard to bend.?

This happens mostly on my left knee, hardly ever on my right one. Okay, so when I go to bend my left knee, 80% of the time it sort of..Locks into place and I can't bend it any further unless I really force it, and if I do there is a loud clicking noise and it is very painful. If I got to sit down and cross my legs, it's so hard to do and I end up having to outstretch my leg several times until me knee doesn't lock into place when I bend it, or until it 'clicks' into place. This is getting more painful, and i'm only 14. I even find it hard to do some excercised because my knee suddenly locks in and wont bend any further. Do any of you know what this could be and how it could be treated? Thanks in advance :)
Answers:    The knee is really a complicated joint so it is difficult to know what the problem is without seeing pictures of the inside of your knee. You need to go see and orthopedist, a bone and joint doctor. The doctor will take xrays and an mri scan of your knee, as well as evaluate you and ask you questions. There are 4 ligaments in your knee and tons of cartilage besides the bones themselves. There could be a problem with any one of these things or a combination of them. I know it sucks. I started having knee pain when I was 12 and have had 13 knee surgeries since then and I am only 25. Good luck to you.
definitly needs an arthroscopy to rule out menisc injuries probably in football

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