Muscle Spasms in my Back wont go away?

i play soccer and injured my back about 1 year ago and have rested and can play again but every so often i wake up or just randomly get muscle spasms in my lower left back *the place of the injury* it feels like very tight and annoying how do i get rid of these muscle lifting my lower back lightly on like lower back weight lifting machines good?
Answers:    Unfortunately, I know just the pain you have, I was, at one time, very active in kick boxing - until I developed very similar symptoms. I can tell you what I have learned:

After over a year of intermittent pain/cramps, I finally went to a Doctor who referred me to an orthapaedic surgeon. He told me that soft tissue damage should always heal within 6 weeks, and if it hasn't you should go to the Doctor.

I went through a year of medications, ice, heat, steroid shots, the works. None of it really helped long term, although it does help some people. I finally gave up on traditional medicine and went to a massage therapist. She was able to reduce my pain instantly, and within 6 months I was off all medications!

I was led to try massage therapy by an artical I read in the membership section of Consumer reports. The top three things that helped people with lower back pain were:
1. Chiropractic
2. Massage Therapy
3. Prescribed Excercise
Between 40 - 50 % of people had a significant reduction from pain by these - as compared to the 25 % who were helped by prescription drugs.

The moral of the story is - go to the doctor to rule out serious injury and if he/she can't help you, possibly try massage or chiropractic therapy. Do not continue excercise until you learn more as you are most likely just re-injuring yourself, or worsening your original injury. Of course my Dr also told me - You just aren't 18 anymore - and you don't heal as quickly! Maybe you are in your 30's like me - haha.

Good luck!
Yes, a preinjury site is always a problem. ICE IT. Have someone use a massager on you. And rest for a few days. But, don't stop. If it doesn't get better , see a chiropractor. A medical dr will give you meds, but it won't repair the injury.
at first before trying any exercises you should see a doctor i think bucause you said that you kept on playing soccer when your back was still hurt...

there may be a serious muscle problems such as a torn dorsal latissimus muscle so if you have spasms when you get up in the morning,go and see a doctor!

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