Is zinc oxide efficient in treating tinea versicolor?

ketoconazole is currently out of stock in our drugstore so im using this antifungal/antibacterial cream i found here at our cabinet. its ingredients are as follows:

each 100g contains:
zinc oxide 12.9g
benzoic acid 4.5g
sulfur 3.4g
salicilyc acid 1.87g

i feel some itch after application, does that mean its working? can i just use this instead of ketoconazole cream? thanks so much!
Answers:    That won't do very well. Simpler is just to get some Selsun shampoo and apply it nightly as a lotion, washing it off in the morning. Three to seven nights' treatment is pretty good at killing off malasezia furfur, but the darned stuff's ubiquitous, so chances of reinfection are high.

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