Can I donate blood for a specific person to use?

My father is having open heart surgery next week and my brother and I wondered if we could donate blood to be used during his surgery. My father and I have the same blood type, and my brother is O negative.

The catch to all this is that I live in Connecticut, my brother lives in Vermont and our father's surgery is going to be in Philadelphia.

Maybe it seems silly to go through the trouble, but I figured if it could be done, it would be better for him to have a relative's blood, rather than a stranger's.
Answers:    unless the hospital uses the same blood service as where you donate,it would be dificult for him to get your blood...the only way is for you to go to his hospital in advance and give specifically for him and they would hold it. blood .lasts for 45 days.. so good luck..
I'm sure if you were to contact your father's doctor, there could possibly be a way.
In lots of cases where blood is not needed right away, family members are normally picked to donate blood anyway.
Sure all you have to do is hook up the IV to yourself and then your brother. Then you can run the IV line all the way to Philadelphia. If you hook up to your brother and pump blood at the same time, your dad can get twice the blood and two times as fast!
Yes but there is usually a time frame before surgery it has to be done in. Good luck

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