My skin is getting dark.What can be the cause?

I dont go out in the sun for long..Even then people around me are saying that my face is getting dark..Im having a fair complexion and its bothering me that my face is turning dark..What can be the cause?And what can I do to retain my natural fairness?
I dont go out much in the sun but my job is very demanding..Too much of mental pressure..and I just manage to sleep for five to six hours a day..Also I get pimples occassionally and my skin is oily.
Answers:    You may have Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Sometimes when you develop pimples the skin is somewhat darkened.

You may wish to visit this site, it discusses other reasons why you may be developing darker skin.

Being tired a lot can also make your skin appear darker. Indeed a lemon face wash will lighten the skin, don't over do it, though, because it can dry your skin (which will help you with the oil). Good luck.
when you say dark do you mean as in changing from white to a deeper shade or just like a sun tan ? lemon is good for keeping the hands white so perhaps a lemon face wash or try once a week using face mask while you relax in a nice warm bath, which would benifit your skin and give you time to unwind from the week.the face mask will help your skin stay clear and help combat the oil in your complection.

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