How come when i swallow my food i can feel it going through my heart?

sometimes it kinda hurts too
Answers:    I had this problem and chose to get an upper digestive x ray to figure out the problem. It got so bad for me that once of twice the food actually got stuck and caused me to choke and vomit.

It feels like it is going through your heart but it really isn't. My problem was something called "Schotzy's Ring" (don't know if I spelled that right) there is an area right above my stomach in my esophogus that has become too small to fit large bites of food. If I swallow too much food to quickly, or don't chew enough, the food gets stuck in my esophogus. This can cause a sharp pain in my chest and sometimes, I swear I can actually feel my food going all the way down my chest as it slides down into my stomach. Weird huh?

If it really starts to bother you, get this x ray to see if you have to same problem as I do. My doctor put me on acid reflux medication which seemed to cure the symtoms.
Food doen't pass through your heart...the only thing that passes through there is blood.
Maybe what you're feeling is your food going down your throat and esphogaus. If it is painful, consider seeing a doctor to get it checked out just to make sure nothing's wrong.
Good luck
its not going through your heart, that's impossible. you can just feel it going down through your chest.. you may not be chewing enough.. make sure you drink while u eat because if u don't it dries out your esophagus. Do regurgitate often?? acid burns the inside of your esophagus and causes pain. ask your doctor if u have more questions
o0o i get this feeling to
i think it isz because yew dont chew ur food
fast metabilism (i dont know how to spell it)hahaha
take ur tyme on eating

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