What soap or method is good on keeping your Vagina area Clean and smelling good?

What can you use to bath daily with so that your vagina area can smell clean and fresh without any ordor
Answers:    Just keep washing the area regularly.don't douche that often because it takes away the natural balance of yeast and bacteria and you can get a yeast infection. Keep the area clean, if possible, hair free and as far as product. I like summers eve unscented/sensitive skin proucts ( they have feminine wipes, wash for the shower, deodarant, and douches for that area). They are available at all drug stores, always use the non fragranced kind, and the sensitive skin kind to reduce your risk of a bad/allergic reaction. Also be mindful of your diet. :)
Wash regularly. Use a good feminine wash and wipes.
well, it's called a 20 minute soak in a bath tub. bubble bath or just plain water..

evidence points to bathing is the healthiest thing a woman can do.

those women who take more showers than baths have a higher chance of endometriosis..women who take showers and douche triple the chance.

bathing at least two or three times a week helps.

good luck.
Bubble baths are bad. Do not take bubble baths to improve your smell.They have a feminine spray like deodorant that can stop sweating which inturns causes odor. Also there are feminine wipes. I would say if you have an issue with a odor down there, then go see a OBGYN.
Sorry Stephanie gave you some bad advice! never take bubble baths they cause infec. If you follow anitapri's advice you will be good!
You may want to use K'zanah Manjakani Plus Feminine Wash with manjakani, daun sirih and aloe vera, fulfils a woman's needs for freshness and confidence, and loving care for her most intimate area. It is soap-free to clean mildly yet effectively to preserve the pH 3.5 balance. It does not cause irritation and discolouration unlike regular soaps and cleansers.
You'll love the long-lasting cleanliness, freshness and softness that come with K'zanah Manjakani Plus Feminine Wash.

• Protects from unpleasant odour, even during menstrual flow
• Protects from itch and discomfort
• Protects from discolouration


Another one is Feminine Cleanser with Sireh Extract. Sireh or Piper Betel, kind of herbs that have these benefits:

• Natural antiseptic properties combat infections which cause irritation, unpleasant odour and vaginal discharge
• Astringent action helps to tighten and tone the vaginal walls


Or you can try Martina Martha Tilaar Rempah Cuci - A Jamu products (Javanese herbs) that are made from 100% pure herbal ingredients.

A traditional preparation used as a feminine wash. Contains fragrant herbs that have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This external preparation also helps relieve excessive white discharges and itchiness in the vagina. Recommended for use after menstruation, childbirth and sex.


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