Can touching raw chicken with open wounds on your hand make you get salmonella?

Small cuts on your hands + touching raw chicken = salmonella?
Answers:    Salmonella is induced to your body via hand to mouth contamination,by close contact with infected persons body fluids like vomit and diarrhea,and by eating and preparing contaminated and undercooked poultry,unpasteurized milk,and handling reptiles,and several other sources. It's the #3 most common bacterial cause of diarrhea in the USA. Be careful when handling raw chicken and other poultry,wash your hands well before and after,and clean kitchen surfaces with a bleach type disinfecting spray cleaner. Salmonella is not spread by contact with cuts or by blood.This is a bacteria that thrives on moist mucous membranes of the GI system,mouth stomach and intestines.Take care. SW FNP
not generally but I'm sure anything is possible.
no, salmonella actually grows into poisonous levels in the bowel. Now getting salmonella in cuts might affect you somewhat but it won't get you deathly ill like it does when you ingest it
YES! Open wounds on your hands can make you get salmonella from chicken even if you wash your hands. Sorry, but it can happen...I learned the hard way. WhenEVER you have small cuts, hangnails, big cuts, scratches anything on your hands, wrists please get some plastic throw away gloves to protect yourself. Salmonella is a horrible thing to go through...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...if I had one!
Good Luck
to be on the safe side,wash your hands after youve touched the chicken,do not put your fingers in your mouth until youve washed your hands,disinfect the countertop and wash everything the chicken came in contact with,plates,knives,forks etc.
It could. Wear gloves.

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