Can diverticulosis be reversed? Say, if I really watched my diet and never got constipated . . .?

would all those ballooned out sections shrink back into place?
Answers:    Although uncommon in people under age 40, "outpouchings" of the colon, or diverticula, are found in more than half of people over 60. Factors thought to contribute to the formation of diverticula -- a condition referred to as diverticulosis -- include high pressure within the colon, weakening of the colon wall from aging, and lack of dietary fiber. Since diverticula occur after years of chronic damage to the colon wall, they are thought to be irreversible.
The only way to get rid of diverticulosis is to surgically remove the involved area of the colon. However, surgery is recommended just for those patients who have suffered complications, such as bleeding or perforation.
following your Drs orders will help you to get better
but this tames the diverticulosis,doesnt cure it
i honestly dont know about the ballooned out parts

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