What is liver thickening?

I do not drink and I haven't a gall badder.
Answers:    Liver thickening...or an enlarged liver can occur with any type of liver damage. You don't have to be an alcoholic to get it. There is a disease known as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis that can go along with liver disease that looks liike it's from drinking. Also any hepatitis can cause an enlarged liver. There are both viral and autoimmune hepatitis types.
i`m healthy as can be
Scar tissue from something. Hepatitis perhaps. Alcohol. Genetic predisposition to it. Fatty liver is often caused by being overweight - or the four Fs: fertile, under forty, female, fat. Seriously, that's how it was explained to my ex.
i don't drink or do street drugs
but my liver is thickening and it
is caused from medications
from my Dr
liver thickening is just the same as an artery
it thickens with plaque and when it is all
filled it stops working and one dies=however
you can have an operation to have this fixed
see a specialist about it

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