I have an infection on my finger, should I lance it?

There's a green dot at the top of the infection, and the area is all hard underneath. I got antibiotics from the doctor, and have been soaking it. Do I wait for the pus to come out on it's own, or should I lance it? I feel "pressure" in the infection, like it needs to come out. Thanks.
Answers:    antibiotics take 48 hrs to begin working
you did not say how long you are taking them
warm soaks and if you have to use a dressing use gauze not a bandaid as that will make the area moist and gauze will let air to the area and keep it dry
do not lance it as you could introduce more bacteria to the site
if you soak it in warm not hot water the area should soften and burst by itself
make sure you keep it covered and dry and take All the pills the doctor gave you
if it does not resolve by the time you are almost finished the antibiotics see your doctor again
there may be a foriegn object like a splinter or such that may necessitate your DOCTOR lancing the area
if it is really painful take tylenol and keep the area elevated to reduce pressure and swelling at the site


Let the antibiotics work first. Give it at least 10 days for the antibiotics run their course. If it does not get any better, then go back to your doctor.
In a word, no. If it's not coming out of it's own accord, don't do anything yourself. If it does need lanced, it should be done in a sterile environment by a responsible medical proffessional.
You can cause more infection if you don't have disinfectant.
Go have your Doctor take care of this it could be serious if
you are still having problems with it.Go to Doctor.Please.
If the infection doesn't start to go down after the second day, something is not going as planned. You might wanna call the doc for advice. The lancing doesn't sound like a bad idea, either.
I know it hurts because I have had it happen to me. Stay on the antibiotics and if it doesn't help after a couple of weeks see a doctor. Just don't take matters into your own hands, unless of course you don't like your finger anymore.
heavens NO. i did something like that when i was younger and all it did was spread the infection. wound up in the hospital. call your doc if its bothering you that bad.
Finish your course of antibiotics and continue to soak it. Do not lance this yourself. If at the end of the round of antibiotics, the infection is still there, return to the doctor.

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