Can you become allergic to something over a period of time ?

Something you haven't been allergic to before.
Answers:    Unfortunately, I have seen the side effects of that phenomenon. A very close friend of mine suddenly developed an allergy to bee stings and he had never had an allergic reaction ever! The first time he reacted to the bee sting, he had to be hospitalized. He never recovered from the second time he was stung.
I'm not an allergist, but my doctors have informed me on a few different occasions that the body needs time to build up antibodies against substances. Sometimes you might eat a certain food or take a certain medication many times before these antibodies form. After never having had a reaction to Ultracet after taking it for 3 months, I suddenly broke out into hives that took a few weeks to subside.
yup allergies can start & stop at any time in your life you can also out grow childhood allergies..I broke out in hives anytime I ate strawberries or anything w even the slightest bit of starwberry in it for a long time & now I can eat them as much as I want & have no problems? dont know why but I know its true, my Doc told me so & well, I experienced it for myself
Definitely. I developed allergies over the past 7 years when I have never been allergic to anything my entire life.

Allergies are an auto immune disorder. When your immune system drops, the chances of your developing allergies increases.
yes for instance latex gloves its possible to develop allergy to it over time.
You can become allergic over time to just about anything. Neither my husband nor myself are allergic to amoxicillin but all 3 children are. They had the antibiotic quite a few times before a mild reaction of red rashes appeared eventually.
Absolutely yes.
Yes, you can after awhile your body says no more and here comes the allergic reaction, to certain foods, clothing, perfumes and of course animals.
yes you can, i wasnt allergic 15 yrs ago but do to having a medical condition, spina-bifida, i now am allergic to latex
You sure can. I just started experiencing seasonal allergies this year and I'm 24.

Also, when I was younger, I use to take Penicillin. Everything was fine. Then, I was prescribed it and I had a majorly bad reaction to it. My parents had to rush me to the hospital. Now, if I take any form for penicillin it could kill me. I can't even take amoxicillin.
Yes,if you are allergic to something you body builds up antibodies over time, and when you come into contact with that substance again, your body will react.
yup the body can develop all new allergies over time. thats why testing is done a lot. i've been through 5 batches of testing and i'm only 25
YES as a matter of fact, my grandson was just diagnoised with alergies, The Dr told my daughter the more she keeps the foods out of his diet the better his chances of out growning them, my neices husband had drank milk all of his life, he is in his 30ts, and he has to carry an eppy shot now, because he had an allergic reaction to milk just this past year.
yes I believe you can neice has been taking a certain med for awhile now and just last week had an allergic reaction to it
Bad diet over time causes gallstones to form they then get trapped in the liver, the liver gets choked up and strats to play up rejecting substances basically trying to tell you that something is wrong. Continue to do liver flushes untill all allergies have gone.


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Yes you can! I recently became lactose intolerant after only a few months. So, it is possible. Be careful and talk to your doc if you have concerns, you could have a serious reaction if you aren't careful.
yes.just like when you begin to like a certain food when you didn't like it before!
our bodies have atendency of getting changes once in a while ,so yo find that there was a time u cud take protein but then all of a sudden u get boils when u do or sulphur starts giving you a itch..YES this can happen
Yes, the more times you expose your body to something, the more chances you have of becoming allergic to it. I have never been allergic to peanuts before but 2 days ago was diagnosed with a peanut allergy and I have eaten PB&J sandwiches all my life.
Absolutely! In fact, you usually become allergic to the things that you are around the most. The more you are exposed to anything, the more likely you are to become allergic to it.

This applies to trees, pollens, weeds, grasses, latex, seafood(iodine), animals, and mold and dust mites. Just really everything.
yes--as a matter of fact I was just talking with a lady who developed a peanut allergy at the age of 35. I wasn't aware that this could happen but it can.
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