How high is 135mg/dl in glucose level?

Answers:    A bit too high. It should be no higher than 120 and preferably closer to 110

135 is not considered dangerous but COULD be pre-diabetic DEPENDING on what time of day and how close to eating you took the reading.
Actually for every person there is a different level at which there blood glucose level should be. In my case , I have gestational diabetes and my blood glucose levels aren't supposed to go past 120 for the sake of my baby. But I was told that once I give birth, 90-150 will be fine. Speak to you doctor about any concerns you have in this subject, they can inform you of your risks and bg levels.
How high is this? It depends. For a random glucose, it may be somewhat elevated. It's not too bad for an established diabetic and might require only 2 units of Regular insulin.

Is this is the reading for a fasting glucose (FBS = fasting blood sugar)? There are 2 kinds. The range for serum/plasma is 70-110mg/dL and yours would be high. The range for whole blood is 60-110mg/dL and yours would be high.

If this reading is for a postprandial (feasting) blood sugar (PPBS) the range for serum/plasma is less than 140mg/dL over 2 hours. For whole blood the range is less than 200mg/dL over 2 hours. If this is the testing you had, you're fine.

You'd need to be much more specific and detailed in the information you give.
not very high. yes in a perfect world we want it <120 fasting (no food or drink for at least 8 hours) and <160 two hours after eating a meal. but at 135 you just need to continue to watch your blood glucose levels. see how they range throughout the day. get a good workout plan (everyone needs this) which is aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes and most days of the week. eat a healthy, moderate diet, which includes ALL food groups, but in proper proportions. hope this helps.
if you did not eat for 8 hours and had that for a reading you are a diabetic. That number is not the worst but a reading of 70 to 90 is the norm
In my opinion, that's a fine blood sugar, (if you are diabetic) a little tiny bit high, but very good. if you are not diabetic, then that could be pre-diabetic

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