Does redness indicate a positive tuberculosis test?

I understand that a red and swollen bump means that you have a positive tb test, but what if only redness appears with NO hard swelling? Does it still mean you have a positive result?
Answers:    Redness alone does not mean a positive result. This is a negative result. There must be an induration (raised bump) that is hard and surrounded by redness. If there is an induration, it will be measured. If it is 5mm or greater in diameter, it's considered a positive. But this doesn't necessarily mean that there is active TB or there has been exposure to TB. There are other conditions that can give a false-positive. Current therapy with prednisone, for example, can give a false-positive reading. If there's no existing and known condition to explain the false-positive, this would have to be followed up with a chest X-ray to confirm or deny active (requires a sputum culture) or past exposure.

If this were the case, no further testing is done. There will always be a postive reading. Chest X-rays will be done instead.
sounds like some kinda rash to me

better get it checked
You need to have the test done first. Red bumps don't indicate you have TB. I'm assuming you had the test done, and that's why you're asking. You should go to your doctor for a follow-up after you've had the test done. There are also many reasons why you might have a false-positive result.
If you have a bump that is larger than 5mm in diam. it may be a positive result...MAY. Otherwise it may just be irritated skin, and I would not worry, unless it does not go away. Does not sound like a Pos. TB to me though.
not necessarily, now if where you had the test done at is swelling that is something that you may want to have checked. Remember you should be going back to your doctor anyways to have it read. I think it is suppose to be read like 2-3 days after you have the test

P.s. have it check because early stages of TB can be treated.
A follow up test is indicated. You need an exray of your lungs, if there is a spot on them, then..
The redness is not relevant. You measure the induration 48-72 hours after the test is applied. 1.0 cm is a positive test. If positive, a chest x ray is done. If this is abnormal, tuberculosis treatment is given (after culturing). If it is normal, and the skin test was negative within the last 2 years or if you are under 35 years old, you should get preventative treatment with INH (with or without B6) for 9 months. I measure induration by running a pen on the arm and marking where the pen stops due to the induration. I do this from both sides and then measure the induration in millimeters.
Sometimes. In any case, the bump test can give both false positives and false negatives. Your doctor or medical practitioner should have set up a second appointment for your test to be checked. Don't stress yourself out until you get it checked by a professional.
actually its wrong to consider that a red swollen bumb means that the TB test is positive,there has to be an induration at the area of the test more then 10 mm diameter circumference and even this positive test doesn't indicate that the patient is suffering from TB,but it could refer to past vaccination or infection.only a negative test which is redness and enduration of less than 10 mm means the patient doesn't have TB.
Assuming you had a PPD ( TB skin test), the red bump does not nnecessarily mean that you have active TB. The test helps identify if your body has ever created antibodies for TB. This simply means that you had the Tubercle bacilli in your body. This does not mean that you have the disease.

Normally they measure the size of the bump in milimeters and depending on the size and the predesposing factors, they determine if you need an x-ray and sputum analysis or not.

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