What does it mean if a person dies with its eyes open?

Answers:    It may mean they were surprised when they died. Very,very often this occurs when people aren't expecting to die. Heart attacks would do that, various types of accidents etc..
That his eyes were open when he died..
It means that there is a probability of them rising from death and crawling in our neighbourhood, thirstily searching for blood.
When you die you lose all muscle control. It simply means you have lost the muscle control in your body.
It means nothing. It happens all the time. Im a med-surg nurse and do post-mortem care quite often. It is freaky, I will admit. I've never tried to close them. Also, when people die, they often dont void their bladder. That is a huge myth.
Nothing, I take care of dying,dead people all the time. Either they are open, closed. If they are open they close, but not for long when we pull them shut. No muscle to hold them together or open, they do what they do.

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