Can parkinson disease kill you?

my dad was diagonse with this about 11/2 yrs ago almost 2 yrs... but it has gotten suddnly worse can he die from this, he is on meds
Answers:    I am sorry to hear that your father has Parkinsons. You need to understand that the effect of disease varies from person to person. Some will live longer than others and some are effected more severely than others.

mevlana gave a good answer regarding Parkinsons. Pretty much spot on as to what likely will be the outcome. But keep consulting your doctor and seek specialist advice as well as information from organisations that assist and support people with this disease (but I guess you have already). There are constant medical advances which can improve and keeping a quality of life for your father.
He will probably died from a disease related to the illness.
For instance, the progressive dementia causing him to not eat or drink water.
The medications for the different diseases slow down the disease progression, but can not cure or prevent it from progressing currently.
Eventually the meds lose their bite on the disease and the patients take increasing amounts with less effectiveness...

Yes people do die of this over a long period (could vary with the person)...they lose their ability to balance to walk properly and wind up in wheelchairs (after walkers)...they have trouble eating (due to shaky hands and trouble with the swallowing muscles (sometimes necessitating a feeding tube)).if the food goes down the wrong way, they can get pneumonia a lot until the swallowing problem is diagnosed and found and corrected (by thickened liquids or feeding tube)...

It is something very bad to have. You can still pray for him though...and hope for the best..
Parkinson's will impair quality of life due to disablities, but will not shorten his life.

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