Is the olive oil gallstone flush safe and effective?

you drink a whole cup of olive oil before bed with lemon juice... and in the morning you will pass 100's of stones!! is this true!!??
Answers:    Not quite..BUT with the proper recipe and done correctly it is :also can rid you of any kidney stones and flushes the toxins out of your body.
Then follow up with 1 ounce 3 x a time a day of Xango ( see wesite on the bottom of page) to keep you healthy.
Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse


* 2 ounces of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil

* 4 ounces of lemon or grapefruit juice (organic)

* 12 ounce bottle of magnesium citrate

* 2 or more gallons of freshly made organic apple juice THESE ITEMS CAN BE PURCHASED AT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE AND DRUG STORE


1. For 3 days, drink a minimum of 3 glasses of freshly made organic apple juice. The malic acid in this drink helps to soften and break down gallstones.

2. On the evening of day 3, drink 2 ounces of olive oil mixed with 4 ounces of either lemon or grapefruit juice. ( mix well in a blender before drinking.)

3. Lie on your right side for 20 minutes with your right knee as close to your chest as possible This will open the pathway to your gallbladder. Nausea is not unusual.

4. Before going to bed, drink the 12-ounce bottle of magnesium citrate.

5. When you awake the next morning and use the bathroom, expect to pass what might be referred to as “sludge.” You may also pass round stones of varying sizes and colors, mostly green. They may float and look much like fuzzy, undigested peas.
There are 2 different types of stones.. treatment for one is not the same as for the other.. Best find out what you have. Then get appropriate help.
My references recommend you do this only under the supervision of a naturopath or other practitioner who is familiar with it. It can do harm in some cases.
nothing is safe about this since those with gallstones can actually have liver disease (usually gallstones are the first symptom of an ailing liver).

I have known more that had emergency surgery due to this "flushing" than those who actually had a good outcome.

If you think of it, the body is always ridding toxins because that is what it is supposed to do. You are 1. coating the intestine with olive oil and 2. stripping the intestine with acid.

Your intestine is full of more good bacteria than anything NEEDS to be there. When you try this concoction you might find that you end up with a yeast infection of the intestine and those are NOT fun.

Gallstones can get stuck (in most cases from experience).

My question is this..why do you feel you need to flush or (purge) the natural occurance of your body?
lol..i agree with the dangers of this technique than that of the other poster who obviously doesn't understand the body's natural ways of "cleansing".

if your liver is ailing and causing gallstones, a "cleanse" of juices won't help any.

If you really want to do this potentially harmful way of for going "organic"..your paying a higher price of the same fruit, but with less chemicals on does not mean it is any more healthy or good for you had you just rinsed the cheaper fruit well.

BTW.. the "stones" you see in the bowel movements afterwards do not come from your gallstone.they come from undigested foods and particles in your intestine.

(to those who KNOW different, I can honestly say, there is not one proof in pictures..)

good luck to you in whatever you try to do!
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