Can you get cancer from someone else?

If someone has cancer cells in their saliva from active malignant cancer and you kiss them, does it increase your chances of getting cancer?
Answers:    No, cancer is cell that is in the body all the time and the persons system blocks and destroys the cells. Sometimes the cancer cells mutate and start to multiply and the body is not able to destroy them through the natural immune system. Some believe this is due to genetics. Cancer is neither a virus or a bacteria, It is not contagious anymore than an appendicitis,
No, not at all. Cancer is a disease people develop on their own by malnutrition.
no its only contagious through genetics
No. not at all.
Cancer is not spread like AIDS or other diseases.
no dear, cancer cells develop in the body and multiply so unless u have active cancer cells.
No, the only known cancer from an infectious disease source is cervical cancer, the majority of which are produced from one of two serotypes (of the many) that can "hijack" the DNA of the cervical cells and lead to cancer.

So long as you were't kissing someone's cervix, you should be okay.
No way. It only could be gotten genetically
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