Cause of ocassional, temporary sharp chest pain/ tightness?

For several years now, I've had ocassional (fairly infrequent, maybe once a month on average) brief chest pains, which make breathing painful for a few counts. I have no medical conditions and am at a good weight (21 year old female, 123 pounds, five foot eight). I'd chalk it up as stress, but it happens in totally relaxed situations without prior alcohol consumption.
I'm wondering about the cause. It's not impacting my life or causing long-term discomfort, so need I consult a physician? And if so, what would the diagnostic process entail? I'm jumpy as hell about doctors. Thanks.
Answers:    maybe you could have ecg and stress test to determine any abnormalities in your heart. it will help your doctor guide you what may cause your symptoms. maybe you have angina pectoris, a chest pain arising from an inadequate blood supply to the heart. exercise is the best way to help strengthen your body with a help of good well balanced diet. i suggest you to lower intake of sodium and fats because it may form clots to your heart that may lead to partial or total obstruction which will block the passage of blood that transports oxygen to our different parts of our body. i think if your feeling that something is wrong in your body frequently or not i think medical advice is still a must before its too late. maybe an old cliche but its true its good to have prevention than cure.
I had similar symptoms years ago and it turned out to be gas causing the pressure. lol. I changed my diet and never had them again.
gas pains can irritate the nerves around the lungs, cause sharp short pain.
Take and ECG and or Echo, not to worry, It could be due to gastric problem... due to bad food habits... like junk food, oily food, eat lot of fresh salad every day, drink milk one glass everyday at break fast, take long walk every day where u find fresh air

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