Irregular Heart beats & ghost murmurs?

okay someone please tell me this:
is this an irregular heart beat?

ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom-boom

also, since i don't have to lose 5 more points:

what is a ghost murmur, my mom said i had one when i was little (i think thats what she said, i'm sure)
and are they something i need to worry about? i mean i smoke and all, i know thats bad for your health but will that affect it any? please and thank you!
Answers:    Your mom said that you had ghost murmurs when you were little...You see, when a childs brain gets affected by an unknown source...They will carry it in their memory until they grow up...When she said you had ghost murmurs, it means that you were hearing some ghosts talking to you when you were still little.And ofcourse when you say ghost it will be an unknown source...So your memory had carry it until now.And when you have irregular heart beats, it means that it was the effect of the ghost murmurs when you were still a child.It is now affecting your memory, giving the possibility to you to get scared or frightened.And about your smoking problem, you should think about stop smoking bec. it may be the other reason on why your having an irregular heart beat...Bec. when you smoke, some of the smoke you sip will get into your body and stay there for a long time.Ofcourse your heart will only beat perfectly if your body is healthy...But when you smoke and little bundle of smoke is in your body, it will affect your heart giving you an irregular heart beat so i suggest you should stop smoking and do something better.
Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart diseases. If you have an irregular heart beat, try to quit. See your cardiologist and get yourself checked. It sound like you have a heart murmur when you were young. If this was not treated at all that means you had an innocent murmur. This is common to young children and does not need any intervention if you do no experience any symptoms.

Since you have noticed the irregularity of your heart beat, there is a chance that you have a heart problem.Most abnormal murmurs in children are due to congenital heart defects—heart defects present at birth. In adults, abnormal murmurs are most often due to heart valve problems caused by infection, disease, or aging.

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