I have a tendency to sweat on my nose and upper lip, how do I stop that?

Even when it is cold outside, my nose and upper lip sweat a lot. I can be doing nothing except talking to a cute guy and I begin to sweat in these areas. I don't sweat any where else much really. How do I stop this w/o surgery? Does anyone know if I can botox these area and stop the sweat? I read about secure wipes for the face, where can I get some and are they prescription? Help its affecting my personal life?
Answers:    I sweat on my top lip and nose a lot as well, but I don't let it bother me.

Excessive sweating can be treated with topical aluminium chloride applications for many months. Try 2% topical hydroquinone once a day for a few weeks. If there is no response do consult a dermatologist.

Nowadays some are also using botox injections and this requires a good deal of experience. Botox® is an excellent treatment for excess sweating, reducing sweating by over 80% for an average of 7-12 months.

Again, consult a professional.
IT is quite normal for some persons. What is the problem in it?
I do not know. But nerves can be very stupid. I take my tee shirt off and my armpits drip. Maybe a neurologist or a pre-med can answer this?
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