Why do I feel like I have to shake my legs sometimes and I don't even realize it sometimes? How do I stop?

My girlfriend hates that I shake my legs. She'll put her hand on my knee to remind me to stop. Why do I feel like I need to shake my legs all the time? Is there any good way to stop? It's like an addiction it's hard to stop.
Answers:    There have been a lot of TV ads about it. It's called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I've had it since about 1964!. I found I'm ok if I stretch my hamstrings (I think)- anyway, the exercise where you sit in a straignt chair (or the edge of the bed) with one leg out straight (heel on the floor. Then you lean forward at the waist with your back straight untill it pulls the back of your leg (as much as you can stand). Keep this position about 2 minutes, then change to the other leg. More often is better, but I only do it just before bed. I hope it works for you too.
Maybe It Is A Habit. But The Best Way To Comfront This Is To See A Doctor Or A Psychologist To See If It Is From A Sickness Or From Stress Of Some Sort.. I Used To Get The Same Way. Happy Easter!
Good question! I have done that much of my life as well. Do you have ADHD? Do you have any pain associated with this? Both of those could be issues. Some people just get in the habit of doing it. I did! I just try to stay aware of it and stop. You can do it as well just as long as it's not a medical condition. Good luck!
mostly leg shaking is done when somebody is in good mode or in a state of happiness or relaxing. so it is natural.try to controle it.
Try Calcium and Magnesium supplements.
You probably developed the habit of shaking your leg when you were a child in order to comfort yourself or to keep yourself occupied when sitting still, or something alone those lines. It will be very difficult to quit. Just have everyone around you to tell you when you are doing it so that you become more aware when and where you do it. Then stop moving your leg. With a lot of practice you will stop sooner or later, however you also want to make sure that it is not related to a health condition. The only way to do that is to see a Doctor.

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