Pimples and white stuff inside...?

i have these tiny pimples and theres white stuff in it. so i popped it and than later on today the white stuff came back. why is this?
Answers:    NEVER EVER pop, pick or squeeze pimples. It just spreads the bacteria and causes scars. Yes, the "white stuff" is pus--a bacterial infection. So don't touch them. Go to the store and buy some acne medication. There are many. It's not expensive, but you do need to get something that is made for acne.
If you pop them they will leave scars on your face. Go to dermatologist now.
the white stuff is pus. thats all the gross dirt and stuff.. when you pop it and it comes back that means you didnt get all the pus out the first time
don't keep on popping them buddy!! you need to use a facial wash to take care of your oily skin. and go see a doctor if you can't get rid of them. good luck!
the white stuff is the core of the pimple they are harmless continue to pop away or get the new product proactive solution it works
It's best not to pop it because popping a pimple doubles its life time. so you should try to leave it alone.
Pimples are meant to be popped, and usually what comes out it pus. My guess is that it wouldnt be good to just let it be, so if you dont pop it I'd at least suggest getting some kind of pimple cream.
It's called puss. Pimples are basically infected pores. The best thing you can do for it is wash your face thoroughly. Get yourself a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls.
The puss inside of a pimple is due to infection, the reason that the ouss continues to accumulate is most likely do to the fact that after popping a pimple it becomes an open wound, to prevent the infection from redeveloping you would have to keep the area clean which means to sanatize and hide the area with goz or bandages which is not something you want to do. prevent popping and switch to some solution that will cause acne to disappear, you also want to refrain from popping because it could lead to scarring. i hope the advice helps you.
pimple is the infection of hair follicle any where in the body(palms & soles r the only areas without follicles). & just like other infections the white cells in the body reach that area to save it & thats the white cells which u see as white thing in it. touching pimple with hand provides it more heat & increases infection so dont touch it at all.
In teenage the change of hormonal staus results in more oil prduction on skin & the pores in skin gets blocked this blocking leads to infection.

so keep washing the pimple prone skin & drink loads & loads of water. & consult dermatologist to get a priscription of antibiotic for this

after threading the follicle is open to air & can catch infection easily... its better to use some topical anitibiotic right after doing thread. Some people do have it ever time they wax face or use any other method for hair removal from face.
Depending on where these tiny pimples are, they may be small cists, not pimples at all. If the consistency of the white substance is thick and has an odd smell it may be a cyst and popping it will only make it bigger.

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