Is bronchiectasis curable?

Answers:    Bronchiectasis (not to be confused with bronchitis) is not usually curable.
Treatment of bronchiectasis is aimed at controlling infections and bronchial secretions, relieving airway obstruction, and preventing complications. This includes fighting infections with antibiotics and eliminating the fluid with postural drainage and chest physiotherapy.[citation needed] Surgery may also be used to treat localized bronchiectasis.

An encouraging new treatment, Bronchitol[2], is under development and in phase III trials and appears to offer a chemical treatment of Bronchiectasis. Mucus gets a lower viscosity and cilia are stimulated to work as they would in healthy lungs. Trials end in Q2 2007 and Pharmaxis (the manufacturer) estimates the drug will be on the market in 2008. Bronchitol has Orphan drug status in Europe and the USA.
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Yes, but if you are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis you are likely to get it again. I usually get bronchitis 2 times a year along with my allergies. That's what happens from smoking and having bronchitis. It is a vicious cycle.
It can sometimes be reversible, especially if mild and in children, but this is depending on the cause.

Just a note: bronchiectasis is NOT the same as bronchitis. Bronchitis in inflammation of the bronchi, bronchiectasis refers to the dilatation.

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