Can you get hepatitis by smoking a cigarette with them.?

Answers:    Which form of hepatitis are we talking about?

Hep A can be transmitted this way.

Hep B is transmitted through blood, semen, saliva, vaginal secretions and during birth to the baby when the mother is infected (vaginal secretions). So it's possible to transmit the way you're asking about.

Hep C is transmitted primarily by infected food, blood and occasionally by sex or body fluids. Transmission occurs from infected mother to baby.

Hep D can only occur in the presence of hep B.

Hep E is similar to hep A, fecal-oral route.

Hep G is new and little is known about it. It's believed to transmit through blood.
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Yes, Hepatitis A can be contracted this way. The other forms of Hepatitis are spread through bodily fluid contact. If you've exposed yourself to Hepatitis A by smoking a cigarette with someone who's been diagnosed, you can get a vaccination that will prevent you from developing symptoms if you act quickly.
Possible. You can get hepatitis from touching and eating food without washing your hands. So you might get something by sharing cigarette. I don't know how likely though.
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hepatitus a and in rare cases b, hep c is through blood to blood only " or bodily fluids " hep c dies in air
jons almost got it right-all but the statement hcv dies in air.
hcv de-activates once oxygen is introduced-and dried, however, once moisture hits it again, it can reactivate. of course, hcv is only infectious if the hcv (dried or wet) enters the bloodstream of another.

hcv corpuscles found in semen, vaginal fluid, mucus and tears are not transmittable. the nurse who posted above me almost has it right-however, hcv is only spread sexually by infectious blood that enters the blood stream of the other, ie, open wound in or around the genitals. so another words, hcv is not normally passed through sexual intercourse unless there is a window of opportunity. (blood to blood)

your worst fears should be hepatitis b (in this circumstance) as hepatitis a is a type of virus that is self resolving.

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