Can you pass HPV through a condom?

Me and my boifriend have been going out for about 4 months, We have had sex a couple times, with a condom, but i also have HPV, can you pass HPV to your partner even through the condom?
Answers:    HPV is usually not passed through a condom, it's passed by direct skin to skin contact, even with a condom and by unprotected sex.

Condoms are the most effective way of preventing HPV (other than abstinence of course), but the condom only cover the penis, not the whole genital area. If someone, guy or girl, were to have genital warts and they had sex with a condom, they can still pass it to their partner just from the genital areas rubbing together.

So, no, HPV does not go through the condom, it's the whole genital area that you have to be concerned about.
Actually, the problem with HPV is that it often causes warts/lesions all around your genital area - not just in your vagina. So while a condom might protect your partner against catching HPV from any internal warts you might have, if you have any around your genital area, and his skin comes into contact with that area, then he could very easily catch the virus.
yes ma'am you most certainly can !!
No its just a virus that is already in a woman's system and it can either lie dormant or began to turn into cervical cancer.
What of the area that is not covered with condom protection?
your vulva?
sometimes .. yes
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