Allergy medication stopped working?

I've been taking zyrtec for about a year and i just stopped working this week . does this happen to anyone else? how long should i not take it so that it starts working again or should i go see my dr for some new medication. My allergies are really bad right now and suggestions (non-med) on how to get rid of them.
Answers:    Oh yes, it happens all the time. You'd have to stop taking the drug for this year and go back to your Zyrtec in 2008. You don't have to wait to try your new medication, it's okay to stop one and start the next the following day.

You might want to take over the counter generic Clairitin, $17 for a bottle of 120 pills at Target. See your doctor for a prescription and samples of Allegra or Singulair if you don't want to try Claritin.

I used Zyrtec last year and have to go with Singulair this year. Next year I'll go back to Zyrtec. My allergist said it's common to have one work for one season and not the next.
You need a new medication. This happens with allergy medicine all the time.
yea it happened to me i started taking claratin
Try salt water
After awhile bodies can adjust to medications, requiring a change in dosage or type. Time to go see the doctor. You may need a boster shot for the severe allergies.

In the meantime try a saline nasal spray twice a day. It really helps.
Take a look at some of the natrual allergy reliefs on this site. There are a couple of good articles.

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