Can you be slightly colorblind, but not completely blind? If you are can you join the air force?

I took the colorblind test and could see the numbers, but I can also see the numbers I was not supposed to see. Is that bad? Does that mean that I am deficient or just over-observant? I am also female with no family history of colorblindness so is it even possible?
If you are slightly deficient can you join the air force to fly planes? People tell me that you can't but I don't believe them!
Answers:    If you pass all the examples online for colorblindness, then it's a nonproblem. You look at the examples quickly. If I stare at them for awhile, I sometimes can see the other number. It is absolutely true though, if you do not pass the color test, you cannot fly (no matter what part of the military, not just the air force).

Yes, it's possible, but if your father isn't color deficient, I really don't think you can be. My sister and I are both red/green deficient, but so is my Dad. Here's a link below. Interestingly, that last test (the one that says is simpler), I can't read any number in the darn thing!

Finally, to give you an idea of how uncommon it is, a researcher at the Univ. of MN (who provides free eye care there) had been testing every single student for 25 years and I was the very first color blind woman she ever had come through her office.
It will just narrow your choices in jobs. Yes, I think you still can join. You can't fly planes unless your an officer.
You would have to ask the Air Force recruiter about this.

My husband is color blind. They let him in the marines and the army. I don't know about the Air Force's vision requirements (if any) on flying if you're color blind.

I DO know that you cannot be vision impaired to fly planes. If you need to wear glasses, they won't let you fly.
You can not be a US Air Force Pilot if you are colour blind. It is rare that a women be colour blind and you may be very observant to colours. I would certainly talk to a recuriter and see if you can get in as a pilot.
renewing my license last year made me undergo colorblind test, the eye doctor found out that im a color blind because i can see numbers which is different number to what normal eyes can see, other people with normal eyes saw the number 57, but i can see it 23, feeling desperate that i couldn't renew my license but to my surprise another test is initiated, the doctor laid 3 naked crayons, red, yellow and green, represents the traffic light colors, and the doctor ask me if could determine those crayons color. and i did and so i passed. so dont worry, there's no traffic light in the sky. and there is no red, yellow, green, planes that would come across your airway

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