Dealing with sticky feeling in groin and armpits after showers?

When I get out of the shower, I tend to feel sticky under my armpits and in my groin. I use baby powder after every shower, but if I dont, I feel uncomfortable all day. Is this because my body has become accustomed to baby powder? Is there another way of dealing with this? It will get worse in the humid summer weather and I will be outside all summer.
Answers:    Take off your shower head and see if your buddy put some Jolly Ranchers in it.
I get the complete opposite, but when I get out of the shower, my armpits do tend to stick a little, but if you put a shirt on and dry it out really good, you shouldn't have the problem, I think.
You may have to get your sweat glands checked. It is something that is very common.
It is very likely that your soap is incompatabile with your water. Try some different soaps, shower gels, and such and see if it doesn't go away. I found the only regular soap I could use at my current location was Irish Spring. Otherwise, I have to use shower gels. We have hard water, but also a water softener, so I don't get it.
the next time try washing those areas with shampoo= you will get a pleasant surprise
I had a very close friend that had these same symptoms. You need to go to a doctor and tell him/her about this.

I hope it gets caught in time for you.

Good luck...

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