What does rubbing alcohol do for pain like musle ach?

grand ma would put this on yu skin for a sprain ,what does rubbing alcohol do for pain like musle ach
Answers:    Truly it doesn't do much, and can even be dangerous if you use too much of it too often. The act of rubbing the muscles with any lotion would do the same as your grandma's alcohol did...massage the muscles and increase the circulation to the area, which helps get rid of lactic acid and helps the muscles heal.
Stimulates the circulation in the skin.
you shouldnt use it one your skin.. if you have muscle pain.. use Ben Gay
rubbing alcohol is highly concentrated houshold cleaner, avoid contact at best. clean if exposed to skin or open wound.where'd you hear that?!?
rubbing alchohol was used by the older generation, but you can absord it into your blood stream thru the skin so it can be very harmful, especially if used on children, some peaple think it is also good for bruises and for fever NOT a good idea
It will not do anything for sore muscles, that is usually caused from over working the muscles causing a build up of lactic acid, solution is to drink lots of water to flush it out of your body.

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