Leaving silverware in food in the refrigerator at night.?

I don't know if this was made up, but has anybody ever heard that if you leave silverware in food in the refrigerator, it will contaminate? I tried searching for it online but have yet to come up with an answer. Please advise.
Answers:    If you’re talking about microbiological contamination like Salmonella, I doubt that leaving silverware in the food when you put it in the fridge would change anything. Serving utensils wouldn’t add a thing. Silverware that you used for eating may transfer some bacteria like staph, or strep from your mouth to the food, but the temp in the fridge is too cold for them to multiply.
But I’m a microbiologist, not a chemist. It makes sense to me that leaving a metal utensil in an acidic food like tomato sauce or a salad containing vinegar might leach small amounts of the metals out & into the food. While utensils wouldn’t contain metals that are obviously damaging like lead, I don’t know what or how much would leach into the food, if at all.
Regardless, a damned sure way to damage the silver.
But, there are places that do
restoration. For a hefty price.
I have heard that also...I beleive it as metal will contaminate the food..still looking:)
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