Can HIV transmit through saliva, sharing food/drinks?

What I read is HIV can't be transmit to saliva, or share food/drinks but If a person, who is infected with hiv (No ulcers) share drinks/food with someone who had a sorethroat/ulcers in the mouth? will the person get infected too? if say the person with hiv had a dentures, but no ulcers, possible to transmit?
Answers:    Saliva contains very little, almost undetectable amounts of HIV. There is a theory that if a person with a cold sore or wound on the mouth kisses an HIV-infected person, they will get HIV. While theoretically, this may be possible, there have been no cases of this actually happening. Now, if HIV-infected blood gets into a wound or open skin, that might be a different story. However, HIV's most successful transmission rate is through sex, infected needles and from mother to child.
No it is not transmitted via saliva.
pretty much no

it takes a higher concentration of the virus than exists in saliva, unless you have cuts in your mouth, and if the other person also has cuts in his mouth

mostly no
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No, hiv can not be transmitted via saliva; there has never been a documented case of hiv transimission that way. Sharing food and drinks is fine. You can pick up other forms of stds by sharing drinks and drinking straws but hiv is not one of them.

Sharing food drinks or swapping spit no. There has been no documented cause of someone becoming infected through saliva.

Its also estimated that in order for you to become infected through saliva you will have to drink 2 bathtubs worth (eww).
The only way you can get it is by sharing needles, sex, exchanging bodily fluids and some more, not through saliva or sharing food s or anything!
no... herpes can though
hiv cant be transmited throgh saliva bc they dont have enough off the virus in it .
No, it can can't, but if there is an open wound in the mouth, and you had one too, it is likely, but without a method of entry it is highly unlikely.
No, you cannot get the HIV virus from saliva. The four body fluids that transmit it are semen, breast milk, vaginal fluid and blood. So, for example if both people had sores in their mouths then yes, it is possible but fairly rare.

There is so little virus in saliva that you would need to drink 3 gallons of an HIV positives individuals saliva to be at risk.

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