Is using too much mouthwash bad for you?

My dentist says that if you use too much mouthwash your teeth will turn black. Is this true? Are there any health benefits/disbenefits with the use of mouthwash? Are there any health benefits/disbenefits with overuse of mouthwash (3-4 times a day)?
Answers:    And for god sakes, don't drink it. There's alcohol in it, but it will only make you puke pleasant smelling vomit.
i don,t think 3 or 4 times a day is too much=if you are worried about what the dentist said carry a breath spray around with you
The material that is in mouthwashes are very hard on your gums and enamel. Use them twice a day, as directed by the doctor or the directions on the mouthwash. I think your doctor took it a bit too far by saying your teeth will turn black. But I would think that it might harm them a little. Use as directed...
if used to much it will eat the enamel off your teeth and your teeth will rot.

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