How to get rid of permanent cough and cold with native medicine and yoga practice?

Cold and perennial cough which does not give relief in the sense permanent cure with Alopathic medicine.Can the ailment be cured by doing yoga and meditation?
Answers:    A cough is the body's response to inflammation or irritation in the throat, larynx, bronchial tubes or lungs.Some coughs are dry, while others are considered productive.Here are a few simple home remedies that will help to overcome cough. Have honey in a hot drink before bed time.To relieve fits of coughing due to dryness in the throat, suck a few pepper corns. More remedies at
Yes, ayurveda and yoga (which includes pranayama and meditation) will be a good choice. Homeopathy is another option. Don't combine homeopathy and ayurveda though.
Jog. It exercises the lungs, heart and immune system. Also, pharmaceutical drugs aren't evil.
ya afcourse just dont make use of water consumed foods and make and wear a good hard fabric clothes in order to keep your chest tight safe from air.
Practice Pranayam regularly and Sarbangasan & Matsasan:take relevant Aurvedic medicine for three months
have tulsi, honey and pepper. join in sri ravishankar breathing exercise
Yoga and meditation can definitely help strengthen the immune system and help you reconnect the body/mind/spirit which will lend itself to the bodies successful healing. And often this can be enough.

However, I believe it's important that you see a health care professional to try and understand the cause of the cough/cold. Once you understand the whys it's alot easier to find a natural remedy that can help provide a longterm solution.

Good Luck! - Namaste
If this is a permanent condition it is not a common cold.

It is very likely an allergen induced thing.

Remove the allergen and you will get reed of the cold.

Cough should be handled the same way.

If allergen is a bacterial infection then strong anti-biotic will get reed of it.

Common Cold (virus) runs 3 days only but makes us weak and feel bad for about 7 days. The incubation is 7 to 15 day so it can re-occur, add to that the tricky nature of the virus to change just enough to over power immunity from previous strain and you have constant problem.

See a doctor get yourself tested, and treated.
Pranayam ( Breathing exercises ) & Ayurvedic home medicines can cure Cold & cough
(1)Controlling cough : keep 2-3 Black Pepper seeds in your mouth and suck the juice .Do thrice a day for 3 days

(2) Controlling fever out of cold & cough :Boil seven Tulsi leaves + 5 cloves ( cut into small pieces before boiling ) with app I glass of water. When the water is reduced to ½ the original quantity then add one pinch of Sansab Lavan ( white rock salt) and drink in sips like tea. After taking it , cover yourself with thick bed sheets for some time. Do it for 2-3 time per day for 2-3 days

(3) Regular intake of few Tulsi leaves + honey in empty stomach (not to eat any thing for next 1 hour) is also effective for permanent cure

Yogic exercises:
“Anulom Bilom” & “Kapal Bhati” Pranayam in proper mannar for few minutes in empty stomach

Swami Ramdevji teaches simple Pranayam techniques every day which can be accessed through TV Channel “Aastha” & others.VCD’s are also available for specific dieeases from Patanjali Yog Peth . Millions & millions of people in India and also in abroad have been benefited by this .Website may please be referred in this connection
Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
Yoga and meditation have little effect, except for boosting your immune system a bit.
An ayurvedic treatment that treats a kapha imbalance is kapha tea and kapha powder you sprinkle on your food, and following a kapha diet.
Deepak Chopra's book, "Perfect Health" will give you information about vata, pitta, and kapha balances in your body, as well as which kinds of foods are appropriate for your condition. is the website for Maharashi Ayurved, which is a company that sells all ayurvedic supplements and aroma therapy items.
After bath put a little mustard oil in your navel, ears and in nostrils. Do this for a month. Do gargling with lukewarm water and a pinch of salt in the morning after brushing ur teeth. Reduce intake of tea specially bed tea. If u want something hot in the morning then drink lukewarm water with a very little salt in it. It will streamline your system.

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