Is possible to get an STD even when he pulls out?

I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom (I know stupid decision that I now regret immensly cus my mind is running wild now!) But he didn't ejaculate at all inside me he pulled out right before he came. so I wanna know can I still catch something even if nothing went inside me?? Please be gentle cos I'm a little afraid! But then again it was a stupid choice I made that now I must live with whatever comes..
Answers:    Darling,I don't know how old you are,but your obviously not very sexually experienced.We all make mistakes so I'm not having a go at you.If you think there is a possibility that the boy you had sex with might have a sexually transmitted disease,why oh why did you have sex with him, or is this an afterthought? Well the best advice I can give you is to get an appointment with your doctor a.s.a.p.or go to a clinic that deals with this problem.Don't be frightened to go,these people deal with this sort of problem all the time.Even if you find out that you haven't contracted anything from him, (and I hope that will be the case) PLEASE protect yourself in future.We can all be taken in by the moment,but it's not worth dying for or spending the rest of your life treating something you have picked up from another person,who by then you probably won't even be with.I would also add, you can catch aids or other sexual deseases by having oral or annul sex as well,so don't be talked into that as an option either.I really wish you the best and please take my advice and go,prevention is always better than cure.
Good luck.
DUH YES and you had to even ask!! LOL

You can get an STD from touching any contact of skin to other skin.
Increased chances with infected fluids such as blood, semen, etc.
Yes, but you should be fine. You both should get tested.
Of course you can. There is precum and anyway, if there are sores (such as herpes) or warts, they are on the skin, not in the semen. However, if your boyfriend is STD free then nothing to worry about. If you continue having sex, best to both visit the clinic, get tested and get some good birth control and use it consistently next time!
ANY KIND OF PENETRATION OR SEXUAL CONTACT CAN CAUSE AN STD. You can get herpes just from touching an infected area.
any unprotected sex can cause STDs..DUH!! (LOL) he doesnt have to leave it in you, theres ALWAYS pre-*** thats why u should always use condoms and you wouldnt even have this problem.
STD's are not just inside him they are all over him. Get yourself checked out & sweetie don't do this again it is never worth it.
If he doesn't want to use a condom, then you don't want him.REALLY!
Yes if he has one. Does he? Do you know his name or where you might be able to find him again? If so ask him.
Yes, it's possible. It's even possible for you to get pregnant! always use protection.ALWAYS!!
oh yea, you can catch diseases even with condoms on. thay break. but if you are scared go to your dr. and get checked to allay your fears. :-)
yes theres precome and you should get yourself checked just to make sure and next time just ask him if hes got something.
yeah i think so
Yes my dear you can still catch something. Please be more careful next time.
The best thing to do is only have sex with someone you know and can trust won't give you an std. To answer your question it is definately possible to transmit stds without reaching the end of the sexual process.
He can have an std on his dingdong and slap it on your forhead.chances are that your forhead just contracted the same std(herpes). Even if he didnt ejaculate on your forhead.
dont panic.
go to a clinic and get your self chked.

as far as gettgin std is concerned you can get std if you have done it with out protection.
you mey contract it even if you give oral..(if having mouth ulcers esp AIDS) try to contact a doc they can help you best
and all the best
STDs are transferred in many ways including skin-skin contact as well as the exchange of bodily fluids. Even if he didn't ejaculate inside you, there are still fluids that come out beforehand (called pre-***) that could harm you. Herpes is usually transmitted through skin-skin contact when an outbreak is present, and by blood when an outbreak is nowhere to be seen. Please go get tested ASAP and if you ever decide to have a monogomous relationship, still be careful and get tested often because as sad as it is, you never really know what other people will do.

You can even get pregnant if he doesn't come inside you, but the chances are slimmer. BE CAREFUL. Many people aren't, so protect yourself.
yes it is cuz pre-ejaculate comes out durin intercourse before the big sha bang
Yes, you can get an std that way. You can get syphillus, hpv (gential warts, cervical cancer causing kind or harmless hpv), herpes and a few others that way. If you are concerned about possible sti exposure, talk to your doctor, someone at the local clinic or planned parenthood. The teen health clinics and PP won't tell your parents if you don't want them to. If it's been less than 72 hours since you had sex, try getting the morning after pill or plan b because even though he pulled out you can still get pregnant that way. Plan B does not abort or end pregnancy. It stops pregnancy from occuring because pregnancy doesn't actually occur during or right after sex. So, you can get that over the counter in Canada, in America if you're over 18 or by prescription if you're under 18 in America. Sorry, I don't know about other countries!
I want to say something but sweetie if are are asking this then you are either to f--king dumb for me to talk to or way to young either way I am not going there .
whoops I guess I did go there. My bad
Yes. But doesn't mean you have one. Don't freak out. If he is your boyfriend then he shouldn't be sleeping around and shouldn't have given you anything. Unless he is a ****- just go to the doc and get tested, it will put your mind at ease.
HELL YES. ALWAYS use a condom girl, no matter what. someone will not tell that they have HIV or AIDS

Some people even reason, if they gave it to them, they will give it to someone else
yes, it will still come out before he, well you know. go to the health dept, they'll help. also they should give you free condoms. and get the pill.
Anytime there is unprotected penetration you are opening the possibility for transmission of STD's and/or pregnancy.
YES!! HPV (the virus that causes genital warts)is among the most commonly contracted, and can be spread just by coming into contact with the skin of his genitalia, as can the herpes virus whether he is having an outbreak or not. Plus, even though he didn't ejaculate inside you during climax, there is always the possibility of him having leaked pre-ejaculate fluid into you, which can transmit disease just as easily. There's no cure for HPV or herpes, but they can be managed and suppressed, but there ARE treatments for things like chlamydia and gonorrhea, so go get tested if you are worried.
If he were to have gential warts (you can have it and not show signs of it) just rubbing his gentials against you could give it to you. I know of stranger things happening.
like yahoo says when in doubt check it out. but it is possible even to get pregnant if he so calls pulls out cause there is this factor of precum
You don't need to ejaculate to spread an STD and you don't even need penetration to catch some diseases. Not only that, the pre-ejaculate (prec*m) does contain sperm and you have a disease risk and a pregnancy risk.

You know you made an unwise chice, so don't beat yourself over it, but take care of yourself and resolve never to let this happen again. If you are being pressured to "go bare" this person doesn;t care a thing about you and is serious bad news. You are worth far better.

You need to be tested for STD's and for pregnancy. (If it has been 72 hours or less since this happened, you can get the "morning after" pill to try to prevent pregnancy. SOme doctors will try it up to a week later,) I hope you can confide in your parents if you are underage, but in most places even teenagers can get confidental care and treatment when an STD or a pregnancy is involved. Call your local Planned Parenthood or city or county health department for a referral or appointment.

You also need to buy some condoms yourself, carry them with you and insist they be used, every time and from the beginning of sex play.

Again, you know it was mistake, but you need to focus on the future not obsess about what you can't call back. And get an appointment to take care of yourself.

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