Can I donate plasma if i'm overweight?

Answers:    yes
Yes. You just can't be under weight. I think it's 115lbs or something like that.
don't see why not, ask the red cross
Ya, but then the person that gets the plasma would get REAL fat.
Seriously..? Why would you ask such a question, you want to give your fat 'disease' to anyone else?
you should ask your doctor
Absolutely! They will ask you if in the last year you have had any piercing, tattoos or have gone out of the country. If you haven't, then you are well on your way. Where I go to give plasma, they have a weight distribution system. If you weigh over 125 you get $20, over 150 you get $25, and over 175 you get $30. The first time you sign up, you'll be there for awhile, as in 5-6 hours, to sign paper work and what not. After that, everytime you go in it'll take about 2-3 hours.
you may donate if you are over weight but not if you are underweight, been to a foreign country in the current past, have crutzfeld-jacobs disease (sp) but you should contact your local red cross outfit
Yes as long as you are otherwise healthy. You will have to do a screening before you donate.

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