How do i tell my boyfriend that he gave me a std ?

I'm so sad my ex boyfriend and i had sex on march 14,2007 and two weeks later i have these signs of being pregnant. but im not pregnant it is so much worse than that. he gave pid (Pelvic inflammatory disease.) im so sick right now . i gonna tell him but i don't know how to tell him i want him to feel bad about this . if i would have waited two more weeks to take a pregnancy test i could have died form this . im happy i cought this early . but why do i feel like im the bad person and why do i feel like sh*t? i have only have had sex with one person. this pid is very serious and i need some thoughts on how to tell my ex about what he gave me . thank you all for your info and advice.
Answers:    Did you get any information about this disease from your doctor? Are you aware that there is no cure for this disease only treatments? Also did you know that this affects your chance of having kids? A friend of mine caught this when she was 14 years old, the doctor told her she will never have kids and she's stuck with this disease for life. Do not be afraid to tell your ex, its only fair that you do tell him. Baby girl he has already altered your life but giving you p.i.d. There's nothing to be afraid of, you don't want him to ruin other women lives too. I know its going to be hard to tell him, because he's going to turn it around on you cause he's in denial. But as long as you got your message across who cares what he say or think. You got it from him, he did not get it from you. plain and simple
You say you've only had sex with one person, do you mean with the ex?? You are not to blame in this situation and shouldnt feel like your the one to blame. He is the one who has been sleeping around and probably without any precautions used at the time. If anyone should feel bad its your ex. Basically i would just confront him and look him directly in the eyes and tell him that he gave you this STD which could've been fatal if not diagnosed quickly. Also tell him that he should call up all the people he has had sex with to let them know they should get tested for PID.
I hope your taking medication for this condition a GP or gynacologist can treat this condition, make sure you get a follow up swab done just to be sure its all clear.
Perhaps in future if your serious about someone get them to have all the STD's tested by a doctor and you as well, so that way you can both be sure your not going to catch anything.
well, do you want other women to get this disease?
tell him so he can get treated so he can't hurt other women.
I don't know alot about this disease but basically you should be informative about it and keep him your ex!
You have to be honest with him, just say it as it is, its not the same thing as being mean. Its a serious situation and for the sake of other women you have to tell him. I doubt he could ever suffer as much as you have done with the PID - I'm sure he'll live.
I don't know why you would blame yourself for an illness that could happen to anybody; some women blame themselves for everything but you can't take that view of yourself. It could honestly have happened to anybody: for instance I read that 10% of people in the UK carry Chlmydia. Its just something that happens so stop beating yourself up.
I hope you get well soon.
If your ex-boyfriend gave you an matter what kind of STD you need to call him out on it and get him to go get treated. It is NOT ok for him to give you an STD and you to wonder if you should tell him about it. YES tell him and find out what exactly is going on. If he put you at risk, do you really want to have anything to do with him? What's to say he wont give you something worse later? Kick him to the curb out of your life permanently...not just an ex but permanent ex. That's ridiculous.
first you need to use protection from NOW on no matter how good it feels this should have taught you a lesson sorry if i sound harsh sex is 50/50

you need to tell him straight up just say look remember about that night, this is what happened and now i have this condition

He may have an STD too and not know it so you should tell him asap
1. Pull him aside
2. Tell him you went to the doctors
3. Tell him the docs diagnosed you with a transmitted PID
4. Tell him before you were with him you had NOTHING.
5. Tell him to get tested otherwise his penis will become molded...

That usually scares the hell out of them..

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