how long does radiation treatment take to start working? and what is the process?

my father has been going to radiation treatments for about 4 days now. i'm wondering how the body gets rid of the tumor after the dead cancer cells get absorbed by the body and expelled? and about how many treatments does a person usually have before they begin to feel some results at all? or is it always different?
Answers:    It depends on what type of cancer and how advanced it is. Also, the person's general health at the time the radiation is initiated. The radiation usually shrinks the tumor, then the physician either leaves it there or takes it out surgically. If he leaves it in, the body has cells that will destroy it and expel the waste from the body. Good luck to your dad. I hope he has a good outcome.
You are correct in saying that results vary. But change happens with every sitting. the cells get destroyed and get converted to heat.
First of all tumors and cancer (if it is cancer) is not caused by lack of radiation. To heal this condition you may need to seek alternative medicine. There are many horrible side effects from radiation. Natural cures exist as in diet control to aid the body in healing itself. Many illnesses are caused by poor nutrition. Seek a doctor who practices natural cures, this is one way to help your father. This is not easy for some people to understand so seeking a doctor who practices alternative medicine may be a good alternative. Best of luck to you and your father.
It depends on the type of cancer it is. There are many forms of cancer. In fact cancer is just a "name" a kind of "umbrella" for a whole series of diseases.

Radiation does do all the things you mentioned above. I remember within two days after his first chemo my son's tumor had almost gone right down. He had a lump on his leg and it was clearly visible the difference within 24 hours. But that was chemo but I'm sure radiation would be similar. I know many people who've been cured of prostate cancer with radiation, and breast cancer too.
Radiation (like chemo) works because cancer cells have a higher rate of metabolism than normal cells. In chemo, the goal is to poison the cancer cells (since they process the poison quicker) and stop before doing significant damage to the patient. In radiation treatments, the radiation is physically target to the tumor, or the tumor is "doped" with some chemical that will kill the tumor cells faster than the regular cells in the presence of the radiation.

Radiation treatment is effective on the tumor almost immediately, but its impact on the "rest of the patient" can be very hard work.

The patient is not going to "feel results" in all likelihood, anyway, patients are often unaware of most tumors. Radiation just makes you feel crappy. Symptoms of cancer are usually as a consequence of the tumor pushing on, or obstructing, some other nearby part of the body.

I hope your dad does well,

Best wishes.
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