One of my balls is larger than the other. Is this normal?

I am 15, and recently I noticed one of my balls is bigger than the other. My left ball is a little smaller than a walnut, and my right one is bigger than a grape. I have no pain there, I feel 100% fine, and I have no family history of this cancer, so what are my chances it is testicular cancer?
Answers:    It is perfectly normal for one testicle to be larger than the other. You'll notice that in women, one breast is also often larger than the other. This is a normal variation in human anatomy -- very few people are truly symmetrical -- one arm or leg may be thicker than the other, one ear may be slightly larger than the other and/or may be shaped a little differently, or (for example in your case) one testicle may be larger than the other. In fact, it is more common for men to have one testicle larger than the other, than it is for them to have both testicles the exact same size.

When I was about your age, I worried about such things too (in my case I worried because my penis is bent to one side), but I soon learned that this is no more abnormal than having a crooked nose (which I also have, and it works just fine), and in most cases, if you have no pain and everything seems to work normally, you have nothing to worry about.
Perfectly normal, also the larger one should hang lower than the smaller one, you're good to go,son!
This is pretty much the case with all men. I have a large and a small testicle and worried about it too when I was young. If they hurt or show significant changes in size over time you should have the doctor check it out (He/she should examine your genitals each time you get a physical anyway if they are good physicians).
jumping to conclusions! its totally normal! as your growing your "balls" grow with you. Especially, since you've just hit puberty. It's normal for one "nut" to be bigger than the other. Now...when its abnormally, significantly professional guidance.
Don't worry honey, you are normal!
Well, your chances of being normal is about 99.99%. Everyone I've every heard of is in the same boat. Ditto with the hands feet, breasts and prob with the bum cheeks, although I 've never measured them.
Totally normal dude! They'd squash each other if they matched in size! LOL No *! It's nature's way of making things work out.

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