Can women give HPV to men or do they just get it from a man?

I heard that women don't transfer HPV to men. Is this true? Please answer seriously. Thank you
Answers:    Yes, women CAN give HPV to a man.

I have personally had HPV for 6 years. I have had both cervical cancer and genital warts from it. I started dating my fiance (boyfriend at the time) about 2 years ago. About 3 months after we started having sex, he developed genital warts.

HPV can be passed to both men and women and affects both men and women. A lot of people think men are just "carriers" of HPV and that is NOT true.
How do you think the men give it to women? A swamp can be just as germy as a hose if you catch my drift.
No that's not true it can be transferred either way. One in three people have HPV. Men generally don't have any symtoms and are unaware they even have it, so be careful this std can cause cervical cancer for women. Hope this helped, and remember always wrap it up, you don't know where it's been!
it can be transmitted by either . one who is infected in women it will show in a test but at the present time there isnt no test to show this in men this is fact. ?
little is known really about this virus and how it is given...yes males can give it to females so im sure females can give it to males..the only thing is that there is no test to test to see if a male has or carries the virus...because as im sure u know HPV is a virus which means u will alwayz carry it even after its undetectable on test...there are hundreds of different types of the hpv virus thats why they introduced that very rare cases hpv has been linked to male reproductive organ cancers as hpv!
Both women and men transfer HPV back and forth, but this rumor may come from the fact that there is NOT an HPV test for men. (really! we are seriously lacking). The only time that men know that they have HPV is when they develop genital warts, and thats only with Low Risk HPV. With High Risk HPV, which causes Cervical Cancer, there is little knowing where a woman gets it from. I have high risk HPV, and we have no idea where it came from, so none of my previous partners know if they are spreading HPV or not. Scary, eh? And add to that the fact that condoms arn't 100% effective in guarding against HPV, and you have yourself a guessing game.

Go to , where I have compiled tons of links on HPV. Know of more links? Send them to me and Ill put them on there. Read up on HPV. Learn about it. Educate yourself and save your life.
This is not true. I dont think anyone knows where this generated from. Same luck with everything else... Anyway, there is not test for men, and men like to have sex with no condoms so they pass it along quick and fast, that is why the gubberment is spending some green money now on HPV vaccinations just in case this lil thing does turn into a societal problem. I dont want to blame the men, they know not what they do. But women also give in and pass this thing round and round. We just KNOW when we have it or not..

The key is knowing..

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