Is 20/24 bad vision?

my doctor said my worse eye is 20/24 and my better eye is 20/19. btw im 12.
Answers:    your vision is almost perfect. 20/20 is perfect. My sight is 25/200. Now that's bad.
nope thats pretty good. the 20/19 means you have a little better than "perfect vision" and the 20/24 is just a little worse than perfect.
No not at all!
You have pretty good eyesight. 20/24 means that what you can see clearly at 20 feet distance, others with "correct" eyesight can see at 24 feet. Your other eye is better--what you can see at 20 feet others need to be within 19 feet to see. One eye can see a bit better than the other but both are good. Unlike me before LASIK-- I was told my eyes were basically 20/700!

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