Respiratory Sounds?

1. Which of the respiratory sounds is heard during both inspiration and expiration?
2. Which is heard primarily during inspiration?
3. Where do you best hear the vesicular respiratory sounds?
Answers:    1Added sounds crepts or rales are heard during both insp & exp phase.
2 Ronchi are heard prmarily during inspiration. Inspiratory crepts which are fine natures r also heard during insP.
3 Vesicualr breath sounds are normal pattern of resp.sounds & heard all over the chest & BEST at apices.
Wheezes can be both inspiratory and expiratory and usually is because of bronchoconstriction, but can due to narrowed passages from phlegm being in the way.
Crackles, or rales, is inspiratory and indicates fluid in the alveoli.
Rhonchi is expiratory, indicates phlegm or fluids; often clears with cough clearing the airways.
Vesicular sounds can be heard over most of the lung fields, best over thorax.

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