How do i know if intestinal strangulation has occurred because of my hernia?

i've had an inguinal hernia for a lil more then a year and 1/2 now and i've heard so much about a certain issue known as strangulation where your intestines get caught and it cuts off blood circulation leading to gangrene and whatnot. the thing is: how do i know when that has occurred? other then me finding myself screaming for mercy one day? i've been feeling pain every now and then but they've become more severe lately. so i'm worried because i don't know what's going on.
Answers:    From what I know, it is extremely painful and if you don't get it checked out you can die. If you are typing away on the computer you are probably fine. You would be in dire pain if it were cut off. BUT, I am no doctor. You should be able to go see your doctor and discuss your fears with him/her. It is a valid concern.
O my! I feel so sorry for u. I have had inguinal hernia surgery right by my pelvic area and the pain b4 that was horrific. I lost my job because my doc didn't know what it was!! I will pray the best 4 u and just dont take the opinion of 1 doc.
if it should happen and hopefully it doesnt==you will not only be in inscruciating pain you also wont be able to have any bowel movements= time for you to see a Dr and get a colonoscopy to check things out
If you had intestinal strangulation you would already be dead.

I had inguinal hernia and had to get surgery to avoid intestinal strangulation. This is very dangerous, especially for men and it is a MUST operation.

The procedure includes implanting a bio-mesh in the groin area. The healing is long but worth it.
You're referring to a strangulated inguinal hernia. Oh you'll know alright if the hernia's become strangulated. At least, most people have a lot of pain but not everyone. And you've heard right about its effects. A strangulation is a medical emergency and if ever you suspect you have one, call your doctor immediately or go to an ER.

As you aleady know, an inguinal hernia is an opening in the abdominal wall that allows portions of the abdominal contents to bulge through and sometimes this causes pain. When the hernia enlarges parts of the intestine may be pushed out through the hole and the bulge becomes bigger. If the intestine gets stuck like this and cannot be reduced back into the abdomen then it is called an incarcerated or strangulated hernia. The problem is that the blood supply to this portion of the bowel can be compromised or cut off entirely. This is called ischemia. If this part of the bowel becomes ischemic, it will necrose. Necrosis is tissue death. It will decompose and this along with necrosis is what cause gangrene infection.

I suggest you see your physician and talk herniorraphy while it's still an elective surgery for you.

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